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Mark Bryers

Renewable Energy 

About Mark Bryers

Mark Bryers is a dedicated business professional with a passion for renewable energy. Mark is committed to playing his part in ridding the planet of toxic energy power plants and helping in the development of new technologies that help restore balance in life. Having always been involved in the solar industry, Mark made a conscious decision back in 2016 to invest in his passion. He has since been mentoring a solar farm developer through both insightful strategy and vital tactics. 

Feeling as though his generation has squandered the endless opportunities at their fingertips through self-indulgence and greed, Mark has dedicated his career to making a difference. Realizing the lack of government understanding of the renewable industry, Bryers feels an overwhelming responsibility to provide a lead for future generations to continue to remediate our planet. Taking a responsible attitude to rectify the human appetite for a quick buck, no matter the consequences, he intends to share his knowledge in hopes of bringing more awareness to the situation at hand. 

Committed to various global markets, Mark Bryers has investments in both Australia and Thailand. With seven major projects, under different stages of early development at the moment, he is determined to expand his reach as much as possible. Currently, he is managing a commercial rooftop solar operation under a JV with partners in Thailand.

With each venture, Bryers focuses on identifying opportunities to deliver either a solar farm or battery solution, or a combination of both, either as a JV with investors or in his own right in the future. Ultimately, Mark’s job is to undertake all of the due diligence and take the potential project through the feasibility stage and later to actual development.

Unlike anybody else in Australia, Mark Bryers is investing in the grassroots of a combined solar farm/battery solution as an inherent part of the business. Mark is currently researching new battery technology and the opportunity to move renewable energy from an intermittent energy source to energy availability 24/7 by integrating renewables with batteries and digital applications to existing power grids.

He understands that renewable energy is here to stay and is already more competitive worldwide than traditional toxic power plants. In the end, Mark hopes to see new houses built with their own mini power plants to both run their home and use their surplus energy to form virtual power plants. 

Mark Bryers attended Tauranga Boys College of New Zealand, he completed his law degree at the University of Auckland.