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The world is going through an unprecedented period of technological process and population growth. This growth is happening particularly in the third world and the result is a higher level of pollution and damage to the natural environment.

Countries like China and India have over one billion people living in them. Places like Delhi and Mexico City have some of the worst pollution on the planet. Most of the trash in the ocean comes from a handful of countries in South East Asia.

With all of this in mind it is important to remember that there are ways that the environment can be preserved if the proper steps are taken. So called green technologies are the key to the future.

Solar energy and wind power are the two most talked about forms of green tech, but there is also hydro energy and geothermal. A lot of this depends on what area the technology is to be deployed. In areas where sunlight is plentiful and there is sufficient open spaces solar panel plants are a good idea. Colder and darker environments are often less sunny but make up for it with prevalent wind.

While preserving the environment should be the first priority of anyone looking to invest in green energy stocks, there is an obvious financial incentive as well. As world leaders slowly come around to the importance of green energy there will be much money to be made for those who invested early in this technology.

There are of course countless companies all vying for funding and financial support, so finding the best ones can perhaps seem a little bit daunting. This is especially true due to the foreign nature of this industry. While most green energy staples are proven and tested scientifically, there is not as much evidence as to what will be the most financially successful going forward.

The best stocks to invest in right now are the most valuable and those belong to Brookfield Renewable Partners, Terraform Power, and Cheniere Energy. These companies specialize in different industries within green energy (hydroelectric, wind and solar, and natural gas respectively), making them compatible investments with each other. Diversity in investing is a good idea, especially when the future is not guaranteed.