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If you are trying to become more environmentally friendly, there are more ways than just recycling and stopping the use of straws. Turning your home green, isn’t only an advantage for the environment but can also cut down on the money you are putting towards you bills. There are a few ways you can add renewable energy to your home.


Wind Turbines

Installing a wind turbine can produce a large amount of energy. This can be a great advantage if you have a larger home that consumes high amounts of energy. You want to make sure that the wind turbines will pay off in the future. You don’t want to install them if your area doesn’t have a higher wind speed and intensity. Before installing, check if your area is practical for wind power and if you have enough space on your land. 


Solar Panels

As mentioned in my previous article, solar panels are a great energy and money saver. Installing a few panels in your yard or on the roof could benefit your energy bills in the long run. Ensure that the company you hire to install your solar panels are reliable. If they are poor in the work they do, it could damage your roof and, in the end, cost you more money.



Hydropower is another source of energy that is reliant on your location. If your property has a source of flowing water, then you are able to consider this option. The water from the source will be diverted through a turbine to generate power. If the stream of the water is fast paced, you will produce a lot more power. Hydropower is a continuous flow making it much more stable than solar and wind energy. 



The new innovation of biomass has created an eco-friendly source of fuel. Made from organic waste, biomass can allow you to lower your heating costs. Using biomass will also produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions which harm the environment. Using organic waste such as scrap lumber, agricultural waste, manure, and debris can help decrease the amount that ends up in landfills.


There are more options today than ever before to turn to more green alternatives when it comes to your energy needs. Decide which option would work best for your home and start protecting this earth we live on.