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Renewable energy, also known as clean energy or green energy, is a much needed resource for modern day society. With the rapidly disappearing fossil fuel supply, new energy sources are needed to supply the massive energy demands that the world currently has. Renewable energy sources will provide sustainability for civilization, as the energy can be renewed. Fossil fuels, while also technically renewable, take several lifespans to form and are not renewable by the definition of renewable energy sources. Many countries are adopting renewable energy sources into their infrastructures and developing policies that promote the use of renewable energy. Australia is currently expecting to gather 35% of its electrical energy needs from renewable energy by 2021. In 2018 alone, according to a report provided by the Clean Energy Council, Australia produced over 48,000 GWH in renewable energy. Australia’s energy production figures are expected to steadily grow over the coming years.

Largest Energy Sources
The biggest supply of Australia’s renewable energy comes from wind power, hydro power, and solar power. In June, 2019, all three sources provided over 22% of the electrical energy that Australians used. On the last day of June, renewable energy supplied nearly 40% of Australia’s energy needs. Tristan Edis, the director of Green Energy Markets, expects that an average of 35% of Australia’s electricity will be supplied by renewable energy by 2021.

Moving Forward
Tristan Edis believes that a policy will be needed in the future to spark further investments from renewable energy investors. While the renewable energy industry has been growing at a steady rate, Edis expects the growth to end without a policy for renewable energy. Australia expects to meet its 2020 goals as a result of various renewable energy project commitments. Despite the growth, many companies are still facing challenges with developing the infrastructure that is needed to supply additional energy. Manufacturers have been experiencing issues connecting their farms and plants with the electricity grid.

There are a lot of innovations and improvements that can be made within the clean energy industry. The best method for these improvements requires collaboration between local governments, manufacturers, and stakeholders. However, renewable energy is very promising in Australia and is expected to grow by 2021.