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This year is a big year for renewable energy projects. Because of the rapid results of climate change in the world, renewable energy developments are becoming more important. Looking at this year’s planned spending developments we see clearly that solar and wind options are on the agenda.

Wind energy is one renewable option for 2020

Energy companies in the West are still pointing their windmills at the sky. The United States has a large swath of its Midwest territories that have plentiful wind. This is a renewable energy source that runs 24 hours a day. Unlike solar power that can only produce energy during the day, wind turbines are a viable alternative. One energy company has nearly 700 wind turbines over three states that are churning away day and night. They are refitting them with larger blades and new technology. This indicates that wind energy is not going away this year or anytime soon. Expect this renewable power source to be here for 2020 and beyond.

Solar power is slated to be a premier topic for 2020

The solar industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the former years. This year is not going to be any different. The United States is leading the way in this initiative. This year’s SolarPACES Conference is going to be hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not only are they going to be talking about solar panels, but also about concentrated solar power, or CSP. People from around the world are going to contribute to this conference, adding clout to the already burgeoning solar power industry.

We have entered the solar and wind decade

Now that 2020 has started, we have entered into the first decade that solar and wind power has already been accepted. We are past the first adopter stage and entering into the early majority stage. This has created a surge into what will be the maximum level of acceptance of renewable energy for the world. This decade is going to be the time of declining fossil fuel and coal energy. As the world starts foraging into clean energy it will prevail over the old standards. We are seeing this happen this year. It is a great yet precarious time to be alive. Mother Earth is waiting on us and it looks like we have finally woken up. Our solar and wind energy developments are proof of our awakening.